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Block house at Fort Ripley. 1895

Block house at Fort Ripley. 1895
Morrison Census Information
Estab:  February 25, 1856
Parent County:  Benton
Morrison county with county seat

Southeast region of Minnesota Southwest region of Minnesota Northwest region of Minnesota Northeast region of Minnesota Central region of Minnesota

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Morrison County

FLENSBURG, a city in Culdrum, platted in March 1890 by Olaf and Dagmar Searle, was named for a seaport and fjord of Schleswig, at that time a province of Prussia, adjoining Denmark. The post office began in 1892; the city was incorporated as a village on June 17, 1911, and separated from the township on March 19, 1918. After the Little Falls and Dakota Railroad was completed in 1882, there was a sidetrack to a mill, called Flen's Landing or Flynn's Siding, with a depot and named for J. C. Flynn of Little Falls, a teacher in the Little Falls schools in the late 1870s; later he was an inspector for the Northern Pacific Railroad and a representative in the state legislature.