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Cars parked by Nimrod Creamery, Nimrod, 1940

Cars parked by Nimrod Creamery, Nimrod, 1940
Wadena Census Information
Estab:  June 11, 1858
Parent Counties:  Cass, Todd
Wadena county with county seat

Southeast region of Minnesota Southwest region of Minnesota Northwest region of Minnesota Northeast region of Minnesota Central region of Minnesota

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Wadena County

NIMROD, a city in section 32 of Orton, is named for the grandson of Ham, called, in Genesis, "a mighty hunter before the Lord," who is reputed to have directed the construction of the Tower of Babel. The city was incorporated as a village on August 20, 1924, and as a city on December 4, 1946; the post office operated 1887-1916 and was reestablished as a rural branch in 1938. The city became a halfway stop for wheat haulers between Shell City and Verndale on what was called the Wheat Trail; in 1885 Paluski Williams took over the halfway house of Jake Graba, developing it into a hotel, where his wife, Mary L. Williams, was the first postmaster until 1903. The village had a station of the Great Northern Railway.