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Goodrich and Jennings Drugstore, Anoka 1891.

Display at Goodrich and Jennings Drugstore, Anoka 1891.
Anoka Census Information
Estab:  May 23, 1857
Parent County:  Ramsey
Anoka county with county seat

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Anoka County

ITASKA, the first post office in Anoka County, 1852-79, located in Ramsey Township; it was originally established and discontinued in Benton County, and spelled Itasca from 1852 to 1854; it was laid out as a community in 1852 near a trading post, which ceased to exist with the removal of the Indians in 1856. Buildings begun in 1852 included a hotel, saloon, garage, and steamboat landing, and later a St. Paul and Pacific Railroad station.

Itasca was the name given by Governor Ramsey and others to a townsite platted in 1852 on sections 19 and 30 in this township near an Indian trading post, and the first post office of Anoka County was established there and named Itasca in May of that year. The name was copied from Lake Itasca at the head of the Mississippi, which had been so named by Schoolcraft in 1832. It was later applied during many years, after the building of the Northern Pacific Railroad through this county, to its station near the former Itasca village site. Both the village and the railway station were abandoned, but a new station named Dayton, for the village of Dayton at the opposite side of the Mississippi, was established on the Northern Pacific and Great Northern railroads about a mile southeast from the former Itasca station. This old village name is now retained here only by the neighboring Lake Itasca, of small size, scarcely exceeding a half mile in diameter.